The Silent Book of Nature

Spring Edition

The Silent Book of Nature

Autumn Edition

The Silent Book of Nature

Winter Edition

The Silent Book of Nature

"Puszcza — to wielka jest natury księga!
Niema — a mówi kto ją duchem pyta (...)"
Wincenty Pol
Fine art giclee print that resulted from the creation of an illustration entitled “Forest & Wetlands” which was part of  "Poland. Inspired by Nature” zone of the Pavilion of Poland at Expo2020Dubai.

“By accepting the invitation to participate in Expo Dubai 2020, I wanted to create something unique that would allow others to see Poland with my eyes and love it for all its beauty, not only natural. I would like to honor it and encourage visitors to discover it. Polish forests are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Exploring nature and studying its beauty bring me great joy. I was captivated by a fragment of a poem by Wincenty Pol "Do Puszczy” [“To the Forest”], presenting the forest as a great, silent book of nature, hiding a secret, accessible only to those who can speak to it with their spirit”.

Printed by Static Medium
Prints available soon

Client: Poland. Expo2020.Dubai
Agency: Stellar Fireworks
Size: 24 x 36"
March 2021—July 2021

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