Krzysztof Domaradzki is an artist, graphic designer and illustrator. He works in various fields of graphic communication in his hometown Poznan (Poland). After receiving his Master’s Degree in Drawing and Etching from the Academy of Fine Arts he moved on to creating illustrations and storyboards for advertising agencies and making his first steps as a graphic designer. In 2006, he started his own company StudioKxx and established a name for himself by working for various global brands, small businesses and private projects. He has done identity & branding projects, website designs, covers, book illustrations, t—shirt designs and exclusive BluRay releases.

Recently, he has primarily focused on creating limited editions silkscreened posters either licensed or privately commissioned. He seeks to combine his fondness of drawing, love for film and typography, minimalistic design and attention to detail. His favorite tools are pencil, ink pen and digital paint. His work has been published in many design books and magazines as well as featured on multiple online platforms.

Selected clients
HBO / Nike / Pepsi / Walt Disney Company / CD Projekt RED / NBA / The New Yorker / Pearl Jam / Carlsberg / Esquire / Lionsgate / Plain Archive / Diesel / ESPN / NBC Universal / Pixies / Mondo / Nautilus Art Prints / Eddie Vedder / Audi / Volkswagen / Škoda / Sony Ericsson / StudioCanal / UAM

2006—Now Krzysztof Domaradzki StudioKxx / 2010—2021 Citadel (Co—founder) / 2006—2008 Art Director GoldenSubmarine / 2004—2006 Freelance / 2003—2004 Designer & Illustrator GPD / 1998—2003 Academy of Fine Arts Poznan—Masters Degree in Metal techniques (Etching) & Drawing.


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