There are many versions of the legend about the Cruel Dragon of the Wawel Hill
but one of them is particularly famous and most frequently told. Many centuries ago, in a cave at the bottom
of the Wawel Hill there lived a terrible dragon that spat fire and wrought havoc in the city of Kraków.

This mythical creature demanded weekly offerings of livestock, or it would terrorize the locals,
ransack their homes, and devour their children. A brave and resourceful cobbler Dratewka fed the dragon
with a lamb stuffed with sulfur which caused the monster’s entrails to burn: the dragon sought to quench thirst
by drinking great amounts of water from the Vistula River but this resulted in the creature’s bursting asunder.

One of the earliest tellings of this story is credited to Vincenty Kadłubek Bishop of Kraków from 1208—1218

Pearl Jam Kraków 2022

Official screen printed gig poster created for Pearl Jam European Tour 2022 (rescheduled from 2020).
The concert took place in Kraków at Tauron Arena. The print uses 7 colors on the front and has a 1 color motif printed on the back of the print along with a hologram sticker for authenticity. All AP copies are signed and numbered.

Separations by Tom Lassota (Beffio Studio)
Prints available soon.

Client: Pearl Jam
Size: 18 x 24"
March 2022

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